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Format: CD
Artist: Stackridge
CatNo: ECLEC2834
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Stackridge Stackridge CD
Stackridge's critically acclaimed debut album from 1971 was beautifully quirky fusion of melody, eccentricity and invention.
This 2023 Esoteric Recordings CD edition has been expanded to include four bonus tracks, two of which are from the band’s first BBC radio session for John Peel’s Top Gear.
Featuring an illustrated booklet with exclusive band interviews and an essay by Mike Barnes.
1 Grande Piano
2 Percy the Penguin
3 The Three Legged Table
4 Dora the Female Explorer
5 Essence of Porphyry
6 Marigold Conjunction
7 32 West Mall
8 Marzo Plod
9 Slark
Bonus tracks
10 Everyman (B-side of single)
11 Let There Be Lids
12 The Three-Legged Table Part Three (BBC Radio John Peel Top Gear session 1971)
13 Slark (BBC Radio John Peel Top Gear session 1971)