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Format: CD
Artist: Spocks Beard
CatNo: 0507170
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Spocks Beard The Oblivion Particle cd
2015 's The Oblivion Particle sees 'the Beard' drawing from its core essence, while stretching out into exciting new territory.
Among the nine new songs are To Be Free Again, a dramatic, cinematic epic, Bennett Built a Time Machine, a quirky adventure tale about time travel; Hell's Not Enough with its fiery emotive plateaus and Get Out While You Can, a straight ahead powerhouse of a piece.
Limited media book edition featuring bonus track.
1. Tides of Time (7:47)
2. Minion (6:55)
3. Hell's Not Enough (6:26)
4. Bennett Built a Time Machine (6:52)
5. Get out While You Can (4:58)
6. A Better Way to Fly (9:00)
7. The Center Line (7:09)
8. To Be Free Again (10:24)
9. Disappear (6:41)
Bonus Track:
10. Iron Man (6:17)