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Format: CD
Artist: Spirogyra
CatNo: ECLEC32806
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Spirogyra The Future Wont Be Long 3CD Barbara Gaskin
A 3CD box set featuring the 3 albums Spirogyra released between 1971 and 1973, St Radigunds (1971), Old Boot Wine (1972) and Bells, Boots And Shambles (1973).
A delightful fusion of Progressive, Jazz, Folk and singer-songwriter elements, the band featured Barbara Gaskin on vocals alongside guitarist Martin Cockerham and assorted musicians including Steve Borrill (bass), Julian Cusack (violin, keyboards), Dave Mattacks (drums), Tony Cox (VCS3), Henry Lowther (trumpet) and others.
Presented in a clamshell box and featuring four bonus tracks recorded during sessions for Old Boot Wine and the 1973 single release I Hear You’re Going Somewhere (Joe Really).
1 The Future Won’t Be Long
2 Island
3 Magical Mary
4 Captain’s Log
5 At Home In The World
6 Cogwheels, Crutches And Cyanide
7 Time Will Tell
8 We Were A Happy Crew
9 Love Is A Funny Thing
10 The Duke Of Beaufoot
1 Dangerous Dave
2 Van Allen’s Belt
3 Runaway
4 Grandad
5 Wings Of Thunder
6 World’s Eyes
7 Don’t Let It Get You
8 Disraeli’s Problem
9 A Canterbury Tale
Bonus tracks
10 Counting The Cars
11 Window
12 Turn Again Lane
13 Melody Maker Man
1 The Furthest Point
2 Old Boot Wine
3 Parallel Lines Never Separate
4 Spiggly
5 An Everyday Consumption Song
6 The Sergeant Says
7 In The Western World
1) In the Western World
2) Jungle Lore
3) Coming Back
4) Western World (reprise)
Bonus track
8 I Hear You’re Going Somewhere (Joe Really) (A- side of single)