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Format: CD
Artist: Sonny Burgess
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Sonny Burgess The Arkansas Wild Man CD Charly

Some of the wildest rock'n'roll ever made for the Sun label from the late 1950s.

1. We Wanna Boogie 
2. Red Headed Woman 
3. The Prisoner's Song 
4. Restless 
5. Ain't Got A Thing 
6. Daddy Blues 
7. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (All My Sins Are Taken Away) 
8. Fannie Mae 
9. One Broken Heart 
10. Gone 
11. Please Listen To Me (And Don't Be That Way) 
12. My Babe 
13. Sweet Misery 
14. Oh Mama! 
15. Truckin' Down The Avenue 
16. What' Cha Gonna Do 
17. So Glad You're Mine 
18. One Night 
19. My Little Town Baby 
20. Mr. Blues 
21. Find My Baby For Me 
22. Tomorrow Night 
23. Skinny Ginny 
24. Mama Loochie 
25. Sadie's Back In Town