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Format: CD
Artist: Sonja Kristina
CatNo: CRVESK001
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Sonja Kristina Anthology Curved Air Progressive cd
Anthology is the first collection of Curved Air singer Sonja Kristina's solo works and draws on recordings from her varied solo albums, along with rare and newly recorded exclusive tracks.
Personally compiled by Sonja, Anthology features custom cover art along with her personal liner notes.


1. Frank Mills
2. If This Was Love
3. The Passion
4. Baby Song
5. Full Time Woman
6. Man He Colour
7. One To One
8. Melinda (More of Less)
9. This is Not A Sanctuary
10. Angel
11. C'est La Vie


1. Devil May Care
2. Anna
3. Buccaneer
4. Rollercoaster
5. San Tropez
6. I Don't Believe A Word
7. Street Run
8. O Fortuna
9. Love Child
10. Citadel