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Artist: Matt Karpe
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Matt_Karpe The_Smashing_Pumpkins_On_Track Book Billy_Corgan
The Smashing Pumpkins rose to fame during the grunge movement of the early nineties. However, the Chicago quartet's soaring guitar-driven anthems and beautifully crafted ballads instantly set them apart from their Seattle contemporaries.
The Smashing Pumpkins On Track revisits the band's triumphant first decade, uncovering the stories behind the songs on their six studio albums released during this period, as well as standalone singles, movie soundtrack entries, EPs and a whole host of B-sides and rarities. Also acting as a detailed biography, this book is an essential guide to the music of one of the biggest rock bands the nineties had to offer.
An avid music fan, author and journalist, Matt Karpe has written for multiple online and print magazines over the last decade, including Powerplay Rock & Metal and the punk and hardcore publication Down For Life. This is Matt's ninth book overall, with other titles covering the Nu Metal movement, Korn, Tool and Faith No More. He lives in March, Cambridgeshire, UK.