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Artist: Kevan Furbank
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Kevan_Furbank 1972-When_Progressive_Rock Book
1972 was the year progressive rock came of age, when bands and artists still revered today, produced some of their most ground-breaking, inventive and enduring musical creations. 
In this absorbing book, written with passion and wit, Kevan Furbank looks at some of the artists and albums that made 1972 such an important year for Progressive music: Yes, Focus, Genesis, ELP, Gentle Giant, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd, Aphrodite’s Child, Bo Hansson and more.
Now retired, Kevan Furbank was Managing Editor of the Irish Daily Mirror and a journalist on local and national newspapers for nearly 40 years. He has published books on local history and written stories, articles and columns on practically every subject under the sun. This is his fourth book for Sonicbond. His music tastes encompass prog, rock, folk and jazz and in his spare time, he likes to pretend he can play guitar, bass and mandolin. He lives in Holywood, Northern Ireland, and is married with two grown-up daughters, both of whom are better musicians than he is.