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Aaron_Badgley Dark_Horse_Records Book
A book chronicling the story of George Harrison's label from its beginning in 1974, through its struggles and on to its exciting renaissance in the new millennium.
With Apple winding down, George Harrison still aspired to help new artists and set up his own label Dark Horse Records. His plan was to release records from new artists as well as some of his old friends, with an eye to eventually releasing his own music. While Dark Horse had an encouraging beginning with a hit single from Splinter, the label Suffered increasing problems, failing to establish itself in the way Harrison hoped.
However, some incredible and varied music was created from 1974 to 1977, including some of Harrison’s best solo material. Towards the end of its initial life, Dark Horse dropped most of its artists and released mainly Harrison’s solo work. Thankfully, since 2020, Dhani Harrison has taken the reins and has made Dark Horse viable once again, signing Cat Stevens and Billy Idol and releasing music from Joe Strummer and Leon Russell.    
At a very young age, Aaron Badgley developed a profound love of The Beatles and music in general, also developing a fascination with record labels. At the age of 19, he started working in radio and by the age of 20, he was a production manager for a number of stations in Canada. In 2005 he debuted his syndicated radio show The Beatles Universe, which ran for six years. Currently, he is the host of Here Today and Backwards Traveller radio shows and co-hosts From Memphis To Merseyside and The Way-Back Music Machine (with Tony Stuart). He writes for Spill Magazine and Immersive Audio Album. He has also contributed to the All Music Guide. Aaron resides in Toronto, Canada.