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Format: vinyl
Artist: Soft Machine
CatNo: MOVLP1549
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Soft Machine Six vinyl Canterbury
180g audiophile double vinyl edition of Soft Machine's Six from 1973. 
A superb offering, the first two sides comprise live recordings, while sides 3 and 4 feature four lengthy studio pieces highlighting the Softs' brilliantly original fusion of Jazz Rock and Minimalism. 
Presented in a gatefold sleeve, black vinyl. 
1. Fanfare
2. All White
3. Between
4. Riff
5. 37 1/2
1. Gesolreut
2. E.P.V.
3. Lefty
4. Stumble
5. 5 From 13 (For Phil Seamen With Love & Thanks)
6. Riff II
1. The Soft Weed Factor
2. Stanley Stamps Gibbon Album (For B.O.)
1. Chloe And The Pirates
2. 1983