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Format: cd
Artist: Skywatchers
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Skywatchers The Skywatchers Handbook CD
The Skywatchers Handbook is the 2010 debut collaboration album between Sheffield electronic duo/production team I Monster and singer-songwriter, Kevin Pearce. 
Sweet guitars and a yearning voice collide with dozens of vintage keyboards (hello, Mr Mellotron!) and expressive saxophone and flute solos courtesy of Mike Ward. 
Comprising a moody hybrid of Downtempo, melancholy contemporary acoustic songwriter styles and inventive arrangements with a sense of Progressive inspired sonic adventure (e.g. the Canterbury-esque soloing on Small Lights), 'The Skywatchers Handbook' is a delightful blend of the new and the old.
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1. Dead Flowers for Her (3:51)
2. Soul Baptist (3:29)
3. The Curious Village (4:06)
4. Rhythm of Ashes (3:50)
5. Serves Me Right (3:44)
6. The Lunar Tune (3:03)
7. Do You Want to Go to Space Young Man? (4:02)
8. Ever Felt the Sky? (2:49)
9. Small Lights (4:27)
10. Keep Watching the Sky (3:29)