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Format: CD
Artist: Simple Minds
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Simple Minds Direction of the Heart Deluxe CD Jim Kerr
Simple Minds' 2022 studio album Direction of the Heart finds the band at its anthemic best.
An inspired celebration of life, which manages to simultaneously encapsulate the essence of the band’s past and present, Direction of the Heart is another creative milestone for this legendary band.
Simple Minds are: Jim Kerr (vocals), Charlie Burchill (guitars, keyboards), Gordy Goudie (acoustic guitar), Ged Grimes (bass), Cherisse Osei (drums), Berenice Scott (keyboards) and Sarah Brown (vocals).
Deluxe CD edition in casebound book with two bonus tracks.
1. Vision Thing
2. First You Jump
3. Human Traffic
4. Who Killed Truth?
5. Solstice Kiss
6. Act of Love
7. Natural
8. Planet Zero
9. The Walls Came Down
10. Direction of the Heart (Taormina 2022)
11. Wondertimes