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Format: cd
Artist: Signalsundertests
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signalsundertests Nascent CD

Glacial beauty meets echoes of Fripp's work with David Sylvian, "Nascent" features a series of ambient works produced throughout 2010 and 2011. The pieces seek to interrogate the increasingly polyphonic nature of the solo performing electronic guitarist. The disc features a series of refined live improvisations through production techniques. The live recordings were produced with hardware and software developed by myself, which you can read more about on my website. The disc features collaborative efforts from Michael Andrews and Laura Graham. Philip Byrne mastered this disc whilst wearing a tin foil hat (his words, not mine). The disc artwork is by Tennessee based Artist, Jon Kenney. Overall, this disc has resulted from a very positive musical experience and is definitely my best work to date.

1. nascent 06:56
2. selah (i) 02:26
3. axon 08:38
4. selah (ii) 02:13
5. keep me (143) 04:18
6. selah (iii) 02:20
7. quiet arcs 07:45
8. selah (iv) 02:19
9. axon (reprise) 05:44
10. selah (v) 02:31
11. kapelle 07:00
12. selah (vi) 04:03
13. ebb and flow 07:44
Music written and produced by Ricky Graham * 
*"Axon" and "Nascent" written and produced by Ricky Graham and Michael Andrews 
Vocals by Laura Graham 
Mastered by Phil MiSK 
Artwork by Jon Kenney