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Format: CD
Artist: Scanner
CatNo: DIN72
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Scanner The Homeland of Electricity CD Robin Rimbaud
The second album for the DiN imprint by British electronic musician Scanner sees Robin Rimbaud utilising Elektron instruments such as the Analog Four, Analog Rhythm and Digitakt. 
Rather prophetically Rimbaud states that this album was indebted to the work of the Ukranian film maker Laris Shepitko. Indeed the title of the sixth track Artemovsk references the birth place of Shepitko. Furthermore the title of the album, "The Homeland of Electricity", is taken from her 1968 film which was commissioned by the government to celebrate the October Revolution's 50th anniversary, but was rejected by the authorities for not being patriotic enough.
Rimbaud says, “This album feels like a sound polaroid of this exact moment in time, capturing our times in atmospheric sound works, where light will be found again, even in the midst of struggle."
01 You and Me 05:58
02 Air in the Air 05:10
03 Another Aircraft 05:29
04 Grain, Letting Go 05:02
05 Beginning of an Unknown Century 05:33
06 Artemovsk 05:32
07 At last it moves into silence 03:47
08 Heaven Research Unlimited 04:08
09 Acentria 04:55
10 Traces upon Traces 04:19