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Format: CD
Artist: Sanguine Hum
CatNo: EANTCD1001
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Diving Bell Sanguine Hum CD
The Esoteric Antenna edition of the debut album from Oxford band Sanguine Hum.
Sanguine Hum combines the forward looking Progressive vision of bands such as Radiohead and Porcupine Tree, with subtle echoes of artists as diverse as Hatfield And The North and Frank Zappa. 
With a cover designed by Carl Glover, the new version of 'Diving Bell' features the album's original 8 tracks, plus 3 bonus pieces.
"Diving Bell is a beautiful and engaging album that rewards and demands repeat listens. Sanguine Hum is a name to remember."
"...dig deep into the gentle carousel swirl of Nothing Between Us, or the Rush-like guitar of Coast of Nebraska and you'll discover a more than worthwhile well of engagingly progressive music." Jerry Ewing - Classic Rock Presents Prog
1. No More Than We Deserve (5.08)
2. The Ladder (3.56)
3. Dark Ages (4.42)
4. Coast Of Nebraska (6.15)
5. The Trial (6.06)
6. Nothing Between Us (6.10)
7. Diving Bell (5.46)
8. There's No Hum (4.50)
Bonus Tracks:
9. Tonic For Snoring
10. The Eternal Abyss (excerpt)
11. Circus For A Dying Race
Joff Winks - Vocals, guitars, drum programming and samples (6)
Matt Baber - Rhodes, synthesizer, percussion (8), mini drum kit (4)
Paul Mallyon - Drums, percussion, mini drum kit (4)
Brad Waissman - Bass
Basic tracks recorded by Richard Haines during May and November 2008 at Dungeon Studios, Oxford.
All other recording engineered by Joff Winks at Yellow Benteens 2009-10
Produced, written, arranged and mixed by Sanguine Hum.
Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio, Oxford, 24th August 2010.  
Cover design by Carl Glover.