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Format: CD
Artist: Rupert Hine
CatNo: ECLEC32816
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Rupert Hine Surface Tension 3CD
A three CD set gathering together the visionary ouput of musician and producer Rupert Hine issued between 1981 and 1983.
Includes the studio albums Immunity (1981), Waving Not Drowning (1982) and The Wildest Wish To Fly (1983) plus bonus tracks.
Remastered by co-producer Stephen W Tayler, the liner notes offer memories and observations of the recording sessions for these groundbreaking recordings (including contributions from Phil Collins, Marianne Faithfull, Robert Palmer and others).
In clamshell box.
1 I Hang On To My Vertigo
2 Misplaced Love
3 Samsara
4 Surface Tension
5 I Think A Man Will Hang Soon
6 Immunity
7 Another Stranger
8 Psycho Surrender
9 Make A Wish
Bonus tracks
10 Scratching At Success
11 Introduction To The Menace
Waving Not Drowning
1 Eleven Faces
2 The Curious Kind
3 The Set Up
4 Dark Windows
5 The Sniper
6 Innocents In Paradise
7 House Arrest
8 The Outsider
9 One Man’s Poison
Bonus track
10 Kwok’s Quease
The Wildest Wish To Fly
1 Living in Sin
2 No Yellow Heart
3 The Saturation of the Video Rat
4 Firefly in the Night
5 A Golden Age
6 Picture Phone
7 The Victim of Wanderlust
8 The Most Dangerous of Men
9 The Wildest Wish to Fly
Bonus tracks:
10 Blue Flame (Melt the Ice)
11 An Eagle’s Teaching
12 Picture Phone (remix)
13 No Yellow Heart (later version)