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Format: vinyl
Artist: Roxy Music
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Roxy Music Stranded vinyl
The poised and confident Stranded remains the favourite for many fans of the band's earlier works. 
From the hurtling urban alienation of album opener Street Life to the contemplative closer Sunset, Stranded is a perfect example Roxy's expert balance between style and substance. The album also marked the debut of future UK founder Eddie Jobson (replacing Brian Eno).
2016 180g vinyl edition, mastered at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios by Miles Showell.
Side One:
1. Street Life [3:29]
2. Just Like You [3:36]
3. Amazona [4:16]
4. Psalm [8:04]
Side Two:
1. Serenade [2:59]
2. A Song for Europe [5:46]
3. Mother of Pearl [6:52]
4. Sunset [6:04]
Bryan Ferry - vocals, piano, electric piano, harmonica
John Gustafson - bass guitar
Eddie Jobson - synthesizers, keyboards, electric violin
Andy Mackay (as Andrew Mackay) - oboe, saxophone, treatments
Phil Manzanera - guitar, treatments
Paul Thompson - drums, timpani