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Format: CD
Artist: Roxy Music
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Roxy Music Stranded CD Bryan Ferry Phil Manzanera Andy Mackay
Reissue of Roxy Music's third album, from 1973, which introduced Eddie Jobson on keyboards and violin and is regarded by Jobson's predecessor Brian Eno as the best ever Roxy Music album.
Contains the epic Mother Of Pearl, the hit Street Life and the astonishing closer, Sunset.
CD in jewel case.
1. Street Life (3:29) 
2. Just Like You (3:36) 
3. Amazona (4:16) 
4. Psalm (8:04) 
5. Serenade (2:59) 
6. A Song for Europe (5:46) 
7. Mother of Pearl (6:52) 
8. Sunset (6:04)