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Format: CD
Artist: Roxy Music
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Roxy Music For Your Pleasure CD Bryan Ferry Brian Eno

Reissue of Roxy Music's second album from 1973, which further developed the styles evident on the band's experimental Art Pop debut, incorporating an even wider frame of reference (Minimalism, Krautrock) and having a greater sense of cohesion.

Produced by Chris Thomas and featuring the classic early line-up including Ferry, Manzanera, Mackay and Eno, the album includes the epic coupling In Every Dream Home A Heartache and the astonishing The Bogus Man.

CD in jewel case.

1. Do the Strand (4:03) 
2. Beauty Queen (4:41) 
3. Strictly Confidential (3:48) 
4. Editions of You (3:51) 
5. In Every Dream Home a Heartache (5:29) 
6. The Bogus Man (9:20) 
7. Grey Lagoons (4:13) 
8. For Your Pleasure (6:51)