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Format: vinyl
Artist: Roger O’Donnell
CatNo: 99X10123LP deleted
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Roger ODonnell 2 Ravens Vinyl The Cure
2 Ravens is a project helmed by keyboardist for The Cure, Roger O’Donnell.
A personal, Classically flavoured vision influenced by Roger's life in rural England, 2 Ravens as a record is a collaboration, in part, with vocalist and lyricist Jennifer Pague of Vita And The Woolf. 
180g vinyl in single sleeve with inner bag.
Side A
1. December
2. An Old Train (feat. Jennifer Pague)
3. 2 Ravens
4. The Haunt (feat. Jennifer Pague)
5. On The Wing
Side B
1. The Hearts Fall
2. Don’t Tell Me…. (feat. Jennifer Pague)
3. I’ll Say Goodnight (feat. Jennifer Pague)