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Format: CD
Artist: Roger Eno
CatNo: 4865022
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Roger_Eno The_skies_they_shift_like_chords CD
Roger Eno’s The Skies, They Shift Like Chords builds from a soundscape of piano and strings. 
Utilising additional instruments such as electric guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, vibraphone, flute organ and electronica, Roger artfully creates a series of emotional musical “snapshots".
1. Chordal Drift
2. Tidescape
3. That Which Is Hidden
4. Illusion
5. Above and Below (Crepuscular)
6. Through The Blue (St. Swithin's)
7. Mind The Gap
8. Arms Open Wide
9. Strangely, I Dreamt
10. Japanese Rain Garden
11. If Only For A Moment
12. Where Does This Lead Us?