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Format: CD
Artist: Robin Trower
CatNo: HATMAN2047
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Robin Trower Time and Emotion Procol Harum blues cd

Robin Trower's 2017 solo album - Time And Emotion - shows the Procol Harum legend's Blue Rock guitar prowess undimmed by age.

"Trower’s actually better at power rocking than when he was younger and hairier, something that none of us who grew up with him could have imagined. We didn’t know this would be our future: old guys killing it on guitar.” - San Diego Reader

CD in digipak.

1 The Land of Plenty 4:25
2 What Was I Really Worth to You 5:01
3 I'm Gone 2:52
4 Bitten by The Snake 3:52
5 Returned in Kind 7:19
6 If You Believe in Me 7:06
7 You're the One 3:43
8 Can't Turn Back the Clock 3:35
9 Make Up Your Mind 5:36
10 Try Love 5:26
11 Time and Emotion 3:12