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Format: CD
Artist: Riverside
CatNo: 0506302
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Riverside Shrine Of New Generation Slaves cd
Poland's Post-Prog giants 2103 album Shrine Of New Generation Slaves.
SONGS is a further development of the band's modern take on Classic Rock.
Mariusz Duda explains the record's theme and title: "It's based on the fact that we all hear almost everyday from friends and close people how unhappy they are, how they hate their jobs, how they don't have a time for this or that, how time flies and how they actually feel like slaves in their lives. I thought it was a good option to write about that kind of unhappiness and this 'new generation slavery', where people seem to be unable to take control over their own lives."
Standard CD version
1. New Generation Slave (4:17)
2. The Depth of Self - Delusion (7:39)
3. Celebrity Touch (6:48)
4. We Got Used To Us (4:12)
5. Feel Like Falling (5:17)
6. Deprived (8:26)
7. Escalator Shrine (12:41)
8. Coda (1:39)