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Reality Dream Riverside DVD
Riverside's first ever DVD is mainly drawn from a 2 hour performance in May 2008 and highlights the most significant songs from the 'Reality Dream Trilogy' (Out Of Myself, Second Life Syndrome and Rapid Eye Movement).
Reality Dream's second disc includes a selection of live performances filmed in various locations, including Canada, Germany and Holland, plus a documentary Behind the Curtain and a photo gallery.
N.B. The dvds are region 0, ntsc and should play on most players worldwide (stereo only).
DVD 1:
1. The Same River
2. Out of Myself
3. Volte - Face
4. Rainbow Box
5. 02 Panic Room
6. Reality Dream III
7. I Turned You Down
8. Dance With The Shadow
9. Parasomnia
10. Second Life Syndrome
11. The Curtain Falls
DVD 2:
1. Before
2. Ultimate Trip
Bonus Features:
Live Performances:
3. Beyond The Eyelids
4. Loose Heart
5. Back To The River
6. Conceiving You
7. I Believe
8. Lucid Dream IV
9. Reality Dream II
10. Behind the Curtain (A film by John Vis)
11. Photo Gallery
12. Credits
Mariusz Duda / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
Piotr Grudzinski / guitars
Michal Lapaj / keyboards
Piotr Kozieradzki / drums