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Artist: Riverside
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Memories In My Head Mp3 Download Riverside
Poland's Gods of widescreen, cinematic Rock return with a brand new 3 track, 33 minute mini-album, 'Memories In My Head'.
A special release to mark the band's 10th anniversary, MIMH is unmistakably Riverside and unmistakably powerful and haunting, moving with ease from the mysteriously melancholic to the aggressively intense.
Mariusz Duda: "This new material, concerning themes of passing time, will be a pleasant surprise for those who have missed the kind of melodies and space known from the band's early releases. We have consciously gone back to our beginnings to create a certain kind of a circle. This mini-album contains three longer compositions most resembling those from our first two albums. The result is a quite interesting, spacious, film-soundtrackish, nostalgic, and most of all rock mixture, summing up our career's first decade."
The mini-album is available as a cd and a download (mp3 and flac) exclusive to the Glassville site.
1. Goodbye Sweet Innocence (10:40)
2. Living In The Past (11:59)
3. Forgotten Land (9:57)

Riverside - Woodstock festival august 5, 2011

- Mariusz Duda / vocal, bass, acoustic guitar
- Piotr Grudzinski / guitars
- Piotr Kozieradzki / drums
- Michal Lapaj / keyboards, hammond organs, theremin