Price: £18.49
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly
CatNo: 19075895451
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Rikard Sjobloms Gungfly Friendship vinyl
The fourth studio album from Rikard Sjöblom (Big Big Train, Beardfish) in his Gungfly guise. 
Rikard comments, “Musically, what can I say? This is Prog, but I want to be free to move in whatever direction the music wants to go and I happily go exploring where it wants to take me. Even though there are a few softer songs and sections, most of the album turned out to be a rocker; a collection of hard rock songs with lots of tricky parts, some heavier moments and some downright jazzy elements too!” 
Double 180g vinyl edition in gatefold with CD. 
Side A
1 Ghost of Vanity 00:05:59
2 Friendship 00:13:36
Side B
3 They Fade 00:04:51
4 A Treehouse in a Glade 00:06:47
5 Stone Cold 00:06:08
Side C
6 If You Fall, Pt. 2 00:12:45
7 Crown of Leaves 00:06:50
Side D (Bonus Tracks)
8 Slow Dancer 00:04:59
9 Past Generation 00:04:26
10 Friendship (Utopian radio edit) 00:06:30
Bonus CD
1 Ghost of Vanity 5:59
2 Friendship 13:36
3 They Fade 4:51
4 A Treehouse in a Glade 6:47
5 Stone Cold 6:08
6 If You Fall, Pt. 2 12:45
7 Crown of Leaves 6:50
Bonus Tracks 
8 Slow Dancer 4:59
9 Past Generation 4:26
10 Friendship (Utopian radio edit) 6:30