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Rick Wakeman No Earthly Connection vinyl
A replica vinyl edition of Wakeman's underrated studio release from 1976.
Containing the 30 minute suite Music Reincarnate, No Earthly Connection represented a return to the more focused band-orientated approach of The Six Wives Of Henry VIII and contained some of Wakeman's most adventurous sounds and playing.
The original LP contained a small square sheet of reflective plastic that could be curved into a cylinder, which when placed on the front cover allowed the viewer to see the cover drawing undistorted and with a 3D-like effect. A barely noticeable thin colourful arc on the cover appeared then as a rainbow keyboard about to be played by Wakeman's hands, in consonance with the album's theme of a creation myth based on music. This has been replicated.
A1. Part I: The Warning                        
A2. Part II: The Maker                                           
A3. Part III: The Spaceman                                  
A4. Part IV: The Realisation                                
B1. Part V: The Reaper                                         
B2. The Prisoner                     
B3. The Lost Cycle