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Artist: Richard Butterworth
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Richard Butterworth Pink Floyd On Track Book
With insightful analysis and witty objectivity, Richard Butterworth appraises afresh Pink Floyd's official recorded canon, from Arnold Layne to The Endless River and all the way to 2022 and the first all-new Floyd music for 28 years.
Richard Butterworth's grown-up career began in advertising, first as a paste-up artist and later as a graphic designer. Settling on copywriting, for years he reaped the pleasures, pains and penury of freelancing. As a lifelong believer in the healing and redemptive power of music, however, he knew that humankind's highest art form would eventually saddle up and ride him into the sunset. Today Richard lives in Cornwall, UK with his partner Sue, two golden retrievers, a tenor saxophone and a justifiably ancient laptop computer, on which he still writes about the music he loved before he was a grown-up.