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Artist: The Resonance Association
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resonance association failure of the grand design cd
'Failure Of The Grand Design' is The Resonance Association's debut album for Burning Shed. 
Consisting of nine dark and ambitious instrumentals (described by the band as being an 'ambient-techno-goth-prog crossover') and clocking in at just under 55 minutes, the album was recorded and produced during the first half of 2007 at the band's studio in South London. 
From the deep ambience of 'Magnetophon' and 'The Darkening Storm' to the electronic glitchtronica of 'God Is In Tiny Boxes' and the melodic guitar battering of 'I Have Seen The Future, And I Am Not In It', echoes of Porcupine Tree, Coil, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Sunn O))) and Neu! grace The Resonance Association's powerful mixture of electronic atmospherics, soaring guitar solos and fractured motorik rhythms.
1. The Darkening Storm (4:49)
2. Left Hemisphere (9:41)
3. God Is In Tiny Boxes (9:12)
4. Magnetophon (2:23)
5. I Have Seen The Future, And I Am Not In It (9:57)
6. Right Hemisphere (3:12)
7. Three Hundred And Sixty Degree View (5:01)
8. Electrolyte (5:04)
9. Disintegration Of The Grand Design (4:36)
All tracks written and performed by The Resonance Association:
Daniel Vincent: acoustic, electric and bass guitars, synthesisers, piano, programming, sound manipulation
Dominic Hemy: electric and bass guitars, theremin, synthesisers, field recordings
Recorded January - August 2007
Produced and mixed by Daniel Vincent and Dominic Hemy
Mastered August 2007 by Christopher Hemy

Available at a special price and presented in a gatefold sleeve designed by Carl Glover and Lisa Vincent.