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Artist: R.E.M.
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REM Chronic Town EP CD Michael Stipe Peter Buck Mike Mills
Celebrating its 40th anniversary, R.E.M.’s debut EP Chronic Town released for the first time ever as a standalone CD (with extensive liner notes by the original producer Mitch Easter).  
Featuring classics in the band’s repertoire such as Gardening At Night, Wolves, Lower and 1,000,000, the five song EP, as Rolling Stone noted, “Served notice that R.E.M. was an outfit to watch.”
Chronic Town was an anomaly, a record that didn’t quite fit into the constraints of what was played on the radio. So instead of trying to fit into a genre, R.E.M. helped create their own: College Rock. 
1. Wolves, Lower
2. Gardening At Night
3. Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)
4. 1,000,000
5. Stumble