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Format: vinyl
Artist: Regal Worm
CatNo: UCV92002
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Regal Worm I Monster Jarrod Gosling Pig Views Vinyl
The third album from Jarrod Gosling's eccentric Canterbury Prog-esque alter-ego, featuring tales of vampires, anti-christs, volcanoes, the majesty of the sun and more.
Mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road.
Limited 2 x pink vinyl edition with 2 bonus tracks. 
1. Rose, Rubus, Smilax, Vulkan
2. Revealed As A TRUE Future Tyrant
1. Pre-Columbian Worry Song
2. Rose Parkington, They Would Not Let You Leave
1. Jag Vet
2. The Dreaded Lurg
3. Crystallisation
1. Rokstenen
2. The Evil Eye Is Liquified
3. Huge Machine, You Are So Heavy
4. Butterfly