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Format: CD
Artist: Ray Smith
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Ray Smith Shake Around CD Sun
The complete Sun recordings of one of Sun records last Rockabilly idols. Including his first single 'So Young', plus 'Break Up, 'Why Why Why' and many more.
1. Break Up
2. Why, Why, Why
3. Willing And Ready
4. So Young
5. Right Behind You Baby
6. You Made A Hit
7. Shake Around
8. Rockin' Bandit (dubbed version)
9. Sail Away
10. Forever Yours
11. I Won't Miss You ('Til You Go)
12. Travelin' Salesman
13. Candy Doll
14. Hey, Boss Man
15. Life Is A Flower
16. Little Girl
17. I Wanna Be Free
18. Two pennies And A String
19. The Girl Was Meant For Me
20. Rockin' Bandit (undubbed version)
21. Why, Why, Why (alternate)
22. Rockin' Robin
23. Robbin' The Cradle