A collaboration between Ambient duo ['ramp] and Centrozoon/Tuner touch-guitarist Markus Reuter, Ceasing To Exist effortlessly combines crafted electronic dronescapes with imaginative loop-laden textural improvisations.
1. ceasing to exist (parsick)
2. seelenmord (parsick/reuter)
3. jeanne d´arc (makowski/reuter)
4. yet another ambient track (makowski/parsick/reuter)
5. number nine (reuter)
6. my guitar gently weeps (parsick/reuter)
7. holier (reuter)
frank makowski: electronics, sampling, loop devices
stephen parsick: low frequency drones, atmospherics, loop devices, treatments
markus reuter: touch guitar, loop devices, treatments
committed to tape by [´ramp] at xcenter, marl, in november 2000. 
timbral events based around touch guitar improvisations by markus reuter, recorded at studioflokati.
reverbs, delays, and line levels adjusted by stephen parsick at the dark room, herne, and zwischenraum, werther.
all rights reserved. gema.
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