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Format: vinyl
Artist: Queensrÿche
CatNo: 7714039
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Queensryche Operation Mindcrime Double vinyl
Operation: Mindcrime is regarded as one of the greatest concept metal albums of all time.
Queensrÿche’s third album is based around the story of Nikki, a recovering drug addict, who becomes disillusioned with a corrupt society and joins a revolutionary group to assassinate political leaders.
Produced by Peter Collins (Rush), the album was recorded, mixed and mastered digitally in 1988.
Double vinyl edition, remastered at Abbey Road Studios.
1. I Remember Now 
2. Anarchy-X 
3. Revolution Calling 
4. Operation: Mindcrime 
5. Speak
1. Spreading The Disease 
2. The Mission 
3. Suite Sister Mary
1. The Needle Lies 
2. Electric Requiem 
3. Breaking The Silence
1. I Don't Believe In Love 
2. Waiting For 22 
3. My Empty Room 
4. Eyes Of A Stranger