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Format: CD
Artist: Queensrÿche
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Queensryche Empire 2CD
1990’s Empire remains Queensrÿche’s most successful album. 
Produced by Peter Collins (Rush), the album contains Silent Lucidity and a collection of songs that range from the beautiful to the fierce.
Double CD edition with bonus tracks, remastered at Abbey Road Studios.
1. Best I Can 
2. The Thin Line 
3. Jet City Woman 
4. Della Brown 
5. Another Rainy Night (Without You) 
6. Empire 
7. Resistance 
8. Silent Lucidity 
9. Hand On Heart 
10. One And Only 
11. Anybody Listening?
1. Last Time in Paris - (Bonus Track) 
2. Scarborough Fair - (Bonus Track) 
3. Dirty Lil Secret - (Bonus Track) 
4. Silent Lucidity - Edit 
5. Empire - Edit 
6. I Dream In Infrared - Acoustic Version 
7. Prophecy - Live In Tokyo 
8. Best I Can - Radio Edit 
9. Anybody Listening? - Radio Edit