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Artist: Pure Reason Revolution
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Pure_Reason_Revolution Coming_Up_To_Consciousness CD
Coming Up To Consciousness is Pure Reason Revolution’s sixth studio album, and the third of its post-hiatus renaissance. Like its two predecessors, CUTC is intensely personal, with its eight tracks dealing with darkness of various kinds. 
While the band's distinctive style remains, melding prog and pop through dreamy moods, epic riffs and angelic harmonies, Courtney and Greg Jong also tried to go somewhere a bit different, drawing on influences like Talk Talk, Elliot Smith, The Smile and even Arctic Monkeys in addition to perennial favourites (especially Pink Floyd). Legendary session musician Guy Pratt provided bass guitar on seven of the eight tracks, with Jon Sykes from The Pineapple Thief playing bass on one song. 
Bruce Soord mixed the album.
CD in jewel case.
1. Dig Till You Die 5:08 
2. Betrayal 4:27 
3. The Gallows 4:35 
4. Useless Animal 4:17 
5. Worship 5:13 
6. Bend the Earth 6:36 
7. Lifeless Creature 6:47 
8. As We Disappear 4:49