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Format: cd
Artist: Porcupine Tree
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Porcupine Tree Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape CD
A remastered and repackaged edition of the very earliest experimental recordings that SW made under the name of Porcupine Tree. The music here was originally released on cassette tapes in 1989-91, then compiled and reissued as a limited CD in 1994, and later on vinyl with one track substituted. This CD edition stays with the revised 1999 vinyl track listing, and contains over 75 minutes of music.
Because of the increasing demand for early out of print Porcupine Tree releases, a decision was made to reissue the album. This edition has been remastered from the best sources available. All the same please lower your sonic and musical expectations for these very early experiments!
Featuring artwork and design by Carl Glover, the disc comes in a 6 panel digipack and also includes a booklet with sleeve notes and information about the original cassette releases.
1 Mute (8.08)
2 Landscare (3.02)
3 Prayer (1.35)
4 Daughters in Excess (6.35)
5 Delightful Suicide (1.09)
6 Split Image (1.52)
7 No Reason to Live, No Reason to Die (11.06)
8 Wastecoat (1.11)
9 Towel (3.37)
10 Execution of the Will of the Marquis de Sade (5.08)
11 Track 11 (3.00)
12 Radioactive Toy (5.59)
13 An Empty Box (3.19)
14 Out (8.58)
15 Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (10.45)
16 Music for the Head (1.30)