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Format: cd
Artist: Porcupine Tree
CatNo: KSCOPE381
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Porcupine Tree Up the Downstair Steven Wilson cd
A standalone release for the 2016 Delerium Years box set edition of Up The Downstair.
Porcupine Tree, led by visionary musician Steven Wilson, released Up The Downstair in 1993. It was an album that took British psychedelic and progressive rock into the modern era.
Mid-price CD in digipak with 8 page booklet featuring Steven Wilson's Delerium Years remaster and real drums (played by Gavin Harrison) in place of the original sampled parts.
"The spiritual heirs to Pink Floyd, the Tree offer a magical kaleidoscope of elegant rock pleasure, showcasing understated rhythm, grand synth washes and sweet, punchy electric guitar." - Record Collector
1. What You Are Listening To... [00:57]
2. Synesthesia [05:13]
3. Monuments Burn Into Moments [00:26]
4. Always Never [07:13]
5. Up The Downstair [10:13]
6. Not Beautiful Anymore [03:26]
7. Siren [00:53]
8. Small Fish [02:49]
9. Burning Sky [11:42]
10. Fadeaway [06:19]