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Format: cd
Artist: Porcupine Tree
CatNo: KSCOPE380
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Signify Porcupine Tree cd
A 2016 Japanese sleeve pac reissue of Porcupine Tree's 1996 studio album. Features the brand new Steven Wilson “anti-loudness” dynamic remaster that was created for the recent Delerium Years vinyl box set.
Signify was PT's first complete album recorded as a full band, and fused numerous Rock and experimental styles.
The album is regarded by the band (and many of its fans) as one of Porcupine Tree's finest works and established PT as a potent force in the UK's musical underground.
Presented in a Japanese-style sleevepac with a 16 page colour booklet.


1. Bornlivedie [1:46]
2. Signify [3:26]
3. The Sleep Of No Dreaming [5:24]
4. Pagan [1:38]
5. Waiting Phase One [4:24]
6. Waiting Phase Two [6:16]
7. Sever [5:30]
8. Idiot Prayer [7:37]
9. Every Home Is Wired [5:08]
10. Intermediate Jesus [7:29]
11. Light Mass Prayers [4:28]
12. Dark Matter [8:52]