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Format: boxset
Artist: Pink Floyd
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Pink Floyd Reverberation 1971 cd dvd blu-ray
The 6 individual collections that were first released as part of Pink Floyd's 'The Early Years 1965-1972' box set are now available separately.
In 1971 Pink Floyd recorded the 'Meddle'album, containing the LP side-long 'Echoes', regarded by many as laying the groundwork for 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' and, as such, is an important part of the Pink Floyd canon. This package includes part of the original demos, when the project gestated from 'Nothing' to 'Return Of The Son Of Nothing', as well as a contemporary BBC session recording. Audio-visual material includes the original unreleased Quad mix of 'Echoes' but also material of live band performances in 1971, including songs performed with Roland Petit and his Marseille ballet company.
- BBC Radio session, Nothing Part 14 
- Concert footage and documentaries 
- Echoes original 4.0 Quad mix 
- Replica memorabilia from the period 
1. Nothing Part 14 (Echoes work in progress) 7.01
BBC Radio Session, 30 September 1971:
2. Fat Old Sun 15.33
3. One Of These Days 7.19
4. Embryo 10.43
5. Echoes 26.25
'Aspekte' feature 9.51
1. Interview + Atom Heart Mother (extracts)
    Hamburg, Germany, 25 February 1971
    Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell
2. A Saucerful Of Secrets (extract) 
    Offenbach, Germany, 26 February 1971
'Cinq Grands Sur La Deux' Abbaye de Royaumont, France, 15 June 1971
3. Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun
4. Cymbaline
5. Atom Heart Mother (extract) 'Musikforum Ossiachersee', Ossiach, Austria, 1 July 1971, Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell
'Get To Know' Randwick Race Course, Sydney, Australia, 15 August 1971
6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene Band interview
'24 hours - Bootleg Records', London, UK, 1971:
7. Documentary including Pink Floyd and manager Steve O'Rourke
'Review', London, UK, 1971:
8. Storm Thorgerson & Aubrey 'Po' Powell interviewed re: record cover design
9. One of These Days ('French Windows') Ian Emes animation created July 1972, Birmingham, UK
10. Atom Heart Mother (extract, in colour): 'Musikforum Ossiachersee', Ossiach, Austria, 1 July 1971, Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell
11. Atom Heart Mother: '71 Hakone Aphrodite Open Air Festival, Hakone, Japan, 6-7 August 1971
Audio-only material:
1. Echoes original 4.0 Quad mix 1971 23.35