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Format: cd
Artist: Philippe Petit & Friends
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Philippe Petit and Friends Silk-Screened CD

'Silk-Screened' is an album full of free-jazz, mixed with rock, electronica, turntable manipulations and a whole slew of other styles and sounds to create a cohesive mix of dark, foreboding and powerful instrumentals, featuring such contributors as Graham Massey, Andy Diagram, Bella Emerson and Ulrike Haage amongst many others. 

1. The Neon Woman
2. Abraxas
3. A Swirling Mix Of Dystopia
4. Blossoming Krokus
5. A Swirling Mix Of Utopia
6. Do Not Follow Your Own Shadow...
7. ...Beyond The Mist

Philippe Petit - processed acoustics, field recordings, electronics, turntables and glass manipulations. Andy Diagram - Trumpet. Graham Massey - Clarinet. Herve Vincenti - Guitar. Jerome Paressant - soprano and bass clarinets, guitar and electronics. Bela Emerson - Cello. Charles-Eric Charrier - bass. Els Vandeweyer - vibraphone. Perceval Bellone - saxophone. Ulrike Haage - Piano. Raphaelle Rinaudo - Harp. Roman Benoit - Drums. Remi Bellin - Guitar. Cyril Secq - Guitar