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Format: vinyl
Artist: Phil Manzanera
CatNo: EGED14
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Phil Manzanera Primitive Guitars vinyl
A gloriously inventive instrumental release from 1982, Primitive Guitars was Phil Manzanera's way of marking his first decade as a professional musician.
Regarded as one of the finest Manzanera releases, King Crimson's John Wetton also appears.
1982 Jem Records US promo, vinyl in non-gatefold sleeve.
Please note these clipped promo copies are showing signs of age. All have creases and wear on the front and back covers. Most of the three remaining corners are damaged. Sold as seen, no returns.
Side One
1 Criollo 6:02
2 Caracas 4:37
3 La Nueva Ola 5:14
4 Bogota 4:44
5 Ritmo De Los Angeles 3:11
Side Two
1 Europe 70-1 3:46
2 Impossible Guitar 6:06
3 Big Dome 6:20
4 Europe 80-1 4:44
- Phil Manzanera / guitars, vocals, keyboards
- John Wetton / bass, percussion, guitar