Dating from 1991, the long out of print Spur Of The Moment comprises a set of improvised pieces from Van Der Graaf alumni Hammill and Evans.
Born out of an interest in exploring the possibilities of MIDI (in the early days of the system), the album provides a fascinating snapshot of music technology history, as well as an opportunity to hear two remarkable musicians at their exploratory best.
Peter Hammill: "Each piece of improvisation was preceded by a process of 'instrument selection' in which the sounds which each player could control were chosen and fundamental note-patterns for the performances decided upon. Beyond this, no structure was arranged in advance. For the most part this music is presented in real time, without overdubbing."
1. Sweating It Out (6:34)
2. Surprise / Little Did He Know (9:31)
3. Without a Glitch (3:29)
4. Anatol's Proposal (4:01)
5. You Think Not? (4:03)
6. Multiman (8:07)
7. Deprogramming Archie (1:46)
8. Always So Polite (5:24)
9. An Imagined Brother (5:21)
10. Bounced (5:11)
11. Roger and Out (1:37)
Peter Hammill - keyboards, guitars
Guy Evans - percussion