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Artist: Peter Hammill
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Originally released in 1992, Fireships was the first release on Peter Hammill's own Fie! Records label and was also the first (and last!) release in the 'BeCalm' series. 
Operating at the gentler and more introspective end of PH's output, Fireships is one of the most melodic and highly regarded albums of his long and varied career.
Despite the softer and more texturally lush production, the album contains the uniqueness, invention and emotional bite found at the heart of the best Hammill recordings.
This is the remastered version.
Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.
16bit/44.1kHz Flac
1. I Will Find You (4:43) 
2. Curtains (5:43) 
3. His Best Girl (5:00) 
4. Oasis (5:37) 
5. Incomplete Surrender (6:38) 
6. Fireships (7:21) 
7. Given Time (6:32) 
8. Reprise (4:18) 
9. Gaia (5:32)