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Format: CD-R
Artist: Peter Chilvers
CatNo: BS_133_CD-r
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neo-classical cd-r Peter Chilvers electronic
A soundtrack inspired by Graham Joyce's fantasy opus 'The Stormwatcher', this album sees the versatile and prolific Chilvers extend his range even further. Fusing elements of ethnic and electronic musics with neo-classical scope and grandeur, 'Stormwatcher' is an instrumental celebration of a powerful literary experience. Fans of Gabriel and Part unite.
"Thrilling to hear my images translated into haunting music, and in such an accomplished and sensitive manner. It works with such subtle hooks.  I'll treasure it." - Graham Joyce.
1. intro (3:53)
2. first mirror (3:16)
3. jessie (2:36)
4. cave paintings (2:58)
5. melanie (2:20)
6. second mirror (2:52)
7. père lachaise (2:47)
8. first storm (2:50)
9. language of angels (4:19)
10. third mirror (3:35)
11. bad angels (2:12)
12. final storm / cornfield (3:04)
13. outro (4:31)
14. silence (1:00)
15. stormwatcher (11:40)
written, performed and mixed by peter chilvers
copyright peter chilvers 2001
inspired by graham joyce's novel "the stormwatcher"
made in the eec.  all rights reserved.
photography by carl glover
design by aleph