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Format: CD
Artist: Peter Chilvers
CatNo: BSHED0601
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Peter Chilvers Piano cd
Echoing the powerful and ambitious 1970s solo piano suites by the likes of Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea, Peter Chilvers' 'Piano' represents a return to the influences and improvisations that marked Peter's introduction to music.  
Blending Classical, Minimalist and Jazz approaches, the album's highlights include 'Ghost Town Suite', a linked sequence of seven atmospherically downbeat pieces recorded in a single half hour session.
A continuation of the piano-led 'Burning Shed - Black And White' series of albums which began with Roger Eno's 'Fragile (Music)'. 
ghost town suite
i) rhyolite (5.07)
ii) bannack (1.45)
iii) alta (3.13)
iv) candelaria (3.25)
v) cimarron (5.10)
vi) galisteo (4.06)
vii) bodie (3.23)
migration (9.57)
departure (3.23)
empty space (6.40)
all tracks written, performed and mixed by peter chilvers
sleeve design by carl glover for aleph
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All of the tracks on this album were taken from a set of improvisations.  The seven tracks comprising 'ghost town suite' were recorded during a lucky half hour late at night on 29th January 2006.  The remaining tracks were recorded at various points in the day on 23rd April 2006.  Most are presented exactly as they were performed, although in a few cases i've replaced bars to hide errant clicks and clunks, or when my fingers simply chose not to go where they were supposed to.  The generic term of this is 'cheating'.
Peter Chilvers, May 2006