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Format: CD
Artist: Peter Hammill
CatNo: FIE9111
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Peter Hammill X My Heart cd
A more song-based album than its predecessor, Roaring Forties, X My Heart, as with the majority of PH's output, remains a unique and uncompromising listen.
Featuring the atypically Celtic-tinged Material Possession, the inventive loops and layers of Earthbound, and the heartfelt optimism of opening song and future PH classic, A Better Time.
This is the remastered version.
1. A Better Time (Acapella) (5:14) 
2. Amnesiac (5:36) 
3. Ram Origami (5:28) 
4. A Forest of Pronouns (5:18) 
5. Earthbound (5:23) 
6. Narcissus (Bar & Grill) (6:45) 
7. Material Possession (6:09) 
8. Come Clean (5:02) 
9. A Better Time (5:33)