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Format: CD
Artist: Peter Hammill
CatNo: Fie9141
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Peter Hammill In Translation CD
In Translation is Peter Hammill’s first ever album of cover versions.
Taking songs from a variety of musical worlds - Classical, American Songbook, Italian pop and tango - Peter also translated the majority of the songs into English. 
Despite the diversity of the sources, In Translation is a unified collection which fits in perfectly with the rest of PH's output.
CD edition in card gatefold with booklet. The album will be available on vinyl later in 2021.
1) The Folks Who Live On The Hill
2) Hotel Supramonte
3) Oblivion
4) Cia Amore
5) This Nearly Was Mine
6) Ballad For My Death
7) I Who Have Nothing
8) After A Dream
9) Il Vino
10) Lost To The World