Price: £28.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Peter Hammill & The K Group
CatNo: SMALP1071
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Peter Hammill and The K Group The Margin vinyl
2017 re-issue of PH's 1985 live album Enter K.
The fourth Madfish label release from Peter Hammill and his incendiary K Group, The Margin features the original masters, which comprised live recordings from the band's early 1980s performances that eliminated all audience sounds to allow for a focus on the music.
Contains the side long Flight, plus PH classics Stranger Still, The Future Now, Labour Of Love and Patient.
180g heavyweight LPs in gatefold cover. 
1. The Future Now [3:49]
2. Porton Down [5:41]
3. Stranger Still [6:23]
4. Sign [6:38]
1. The Jargon King [3:19]
2. The Second Hand [5:57]
3. Empress's Clothes [5:51]
4. The Sphinx In The Face [5:16]
1. Labour Of Love [5:50]
2. Sitting Targets [5:42]
3. Patient [7:31]
1. Flight [20:32]