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Peter Gallagher Warren Zevon On Track Book
Bruce Springsteen called him ‘one of the great, great American songwriters’, Jackson Browne hailed him as ‘the first and foremost proponent of song noir’ and Stephen King once said that if he could write like Zevon, he ‘would be a happy guy’. The list of artists that lined up to appear on his records include Springsteen, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Dave Gilmour and Emmylou Harris. So how is it that most people, if they have heard of Warren Zevon at all, know him only as ‘that werewolves guy’?
This book goes beyond that solitary hit single to examine all aspects of Zevon’s multifaceted, five-decade career, from his beginnings in the slightly psychedelic folk duo lyme and cybelle, through to his commercial breakthrough in the late Seventies, his critically acclaimed late Eighties comeback, his decline into cult obscurity, and his triumphant if heart-breaking final testament The Wind released just prior to his death in 2003.
Peter Gallagher is the author of Marc Bolan, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and T. Rex on track for Sonicbond. He is a regular contributor to Shindig! magazine and his fiction has appeared in Writing Magazine and The London Reader. His is also working on Kiss in the 1970s, also for SonicBond, and he is working on a novel set in the Weimar Republic, which he hopes will see publication sometime before the cows come home. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland.