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Format: CD
Artist: Peter Gabriel
CatNo: 5952372
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Peter_Gabriel Hit 2CD
Hit (2003) offers a voluminous overview of the Peter Gabriel back catalogue.
A 30 track double CD combining Peter’s best known songs, together with previously unreleased material and remixes.
A musical autobiography of a solo career which had spawned 14 albums over 25 years.
2013 repress. 2CD within O-card (with interactive track which can be played on Mac OSX or Windows computers).
1. Solsbury Hill
2. Shock The Monkey
3. Sledgehammer
4. Don't Give Up
5. Games Without Frontiers
6. Big Time
7. Burn You Up, Burn You Down
8. Growing Up (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)
9. Digging In The Dirt
10. Blood Of Eden
11. More Than This (Radio Edit)
12. Biko
13. Steam
14. Red Rain
15. Here Comes The Flood
1. San Jacinto
2. No Self Control
3. Cloudless
4. The Rhythm Of The Heat
5. I Have The Touch
6. I Grieve
7. D.I.Y.
8. A Different Drum
9. The Drop
10. The Tower That Ate People
11. Lovetown
12. Father, Son
13. Signal To Noise
14. Downside Up
15. Washing Of The Water
Noodle - Interactive 'The Tower That Ate People'